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If you are a YouTuber then you obviously need a microphone. The questions is which microphone should you buy in 2021. This must be best budget and providing good quality audio. So we have solved this problem for you. If you are looking a a quality microphone under 20$ then BOYA BY-M1 is really a best choice for you. It is highly recommended by big YouTube channels like “Think Media”, “Technical Guruji” etc. So lets dive in to the details and overall packing and images of this mic. At the end we will tell you about the pros and cons and our conclusion for this mic.

BOYA BY-M1 a best budget microphone in 2021

It is a recorder for smartphone, DSLR, camcoders, audio recorders, PC and bunch of other stuff. It is highly portable. In a really good packing and easy to use mic. So without making you wait lets unbox the mic. To buy this mic on Amazon you can use the following link.

In the box

1) Microphone

The capsule of microphone is good quality plastic.

2) Foam windscreen

3) Microphone clothing clip

It has plenty of room to stick to your clothing.

4) 3.5 to 6.3 mm adoptor

5) LR-44 battery

You can Un screw the capsule between the wire to where you will find the access to the baterry compartment. The battery life is 700 hours.

6) Carying pouch

7) Documentation

Other Parts


Is standart rubber and wear out after extended use but good enough if usage is safe. The lenght is 6 meter and terminates at 5mm trrs jack.


A capsule between the wire has switch which is used to switch betwenn the camera or to OFF/Smart Phone



Overall for 14.95$ it is an amazing mic.

  1. In terms of pros this mic seems to be universally compaitable.
  2. It has 700 hours battery life.
  3. It is super cheap.
  4. The cable is insanely long.


  1. Non standard battery.
  2. The build quality is not amazing but we can not fault if for that because of the price tag as it has a super long cable.
  3. Super long cable can be in both pros and cons as it depends on if you need it or not.


I will recommend this microphone for the people who need working microphone and are in low budget. People to whome I do not recommend this mic are vloggers ro people who are constantly running because 6m long cable will annoy you. But other than that if you need a low price normal quality mic then it is good for you.

To buy this product please use following link:

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