How to come up with a youtube channel name | 3 easy tools

If you are creating a YouTube channel then you must give it a propert name too. Channel will act as an offcial name for your channel. When you have created your channel then YouTube will demand from you to enter channel name. So you must have a proper plan for this. Keep in mind that you should follow some guidelines while giving your channel a name. So this article talks about all the necessary qualities that a channel should have, to come up with an interesting channel name. At the end we will also talk about some tools that can help you in this process. These tools will suggest you some unique channel name that you can use for you channel.

Importance of YouTube Channel Name

A channel is know by its name. When you search on YouTube channel name will appear. Also when you watch a video below the video players there are details like channel name and subscribers count etc. So people can find you by your channel name. The channel name gives idea that what this channel is about. It may also represent your brand. Considering all these points, makes the channel name really important. Now lets see the categories the channel names.

Choose a Category to come up with a youtube channel name

You can decide your channel name by considering the following categories.

  1. Name (Taylor Swift)
  2. Brand (Nike)
  3. Category (Classic Game Room)
  4. Descriptive (Epic Rap Battles)

Above are the categories and your channel will fall in one of them. Now lets leran how to name your channel.

Keeping your name as channel name

The most easiest and straight forward way to come up with your channel name is to it your own name.In this way you make your own name as your brand. This works well if you have followers on other social platform and you are already know by lots of peopl. Some time it may also work even if you do not have followers on other social networks, so totally depends on you and you have to decide for you whether it will or will not work for you.

May be your name does not works well for you then use following points to come up with a best channel name.

A) According to your topic

This is to make pepole see and get idea of your channel content by your channel name. For example WebTech can be a channel name and it gives idea that it will be a channel related to technical content and it the concepts of web will be discussed here.

B) Unique Name

Select a channel name that stands out of others. To make it unique the prcedure is simple. Just search the name that you want to use, in YouTube search and do not use if this name or similar channel names are already used by other channels. To confirm that your channel is really unique, then search on google with the selected name i.e. to find that the channel is not on youtube but also not used by other brands.

C) Easy to remember

If you keep your channel simple and unique then your channel will be easy to remember. This is important point because you have to keep your channel name in your visitors mind.

Do’s and Don’ts for channel naming

  1. Avoid using numbers in the channel name.
  2. Mimic brands i.e see why brands have best names try to mimic their formula in naming.
  3. See if domain name available because you may get in need of a website in future.
  4. See if social media accounts available because you will definitely want to create other social accounts to share your videos.
  5. Simplicity in your channel name is important to make it easy to remember and pronounce. Try not to use more than 3 words in your channel name.

Tools to come up with a good youtube channel name

A) Spinxo

This is an awesome tool that suggests you the name you’re looking for. The procedure is really simple. Just type topic, niche and keywords and finally press spin. This provides 30 unique channel names on first spin. Spin again to get more suggestions.

B) Kparser

This is not specifically a channel naming tool. But can also be used to get channel names as one of its features. If you wan to get an SEO optimized channel names the this will be a good options for you. Procedure is that put comma seperated keywords, select youtube as platform and your location and language and finally hit start button.

C) Name Generator

This also have a simple procedure to get channel names suggestion. Just put prefix word and suffix words that you want to keep in your channel name and get the related suggestions.

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