how to get 4000 watch hours on youtube

In this article I will tell you about 5 easy hacks to get 4000 watch hours on youtube. These are the important points that I have learnt after reasearching a lot. As it is said that “Never re-invent the wheel” – It means you should not struggle for a problem which is already been solved. So you do not have to struggle and just read the complete article carefully to reach your goal of 4000 watch hours free.

I know you,like everybody, have the potential to to get succeed on YouTube but the thing that matters a lot is to get an exerienced guide and follow him/her completely. So make sure you read all the easy points carefully and do your best to implement them on your channel. This will help you achieve long term success.

The easiest way for YouTube 4000 hours watch time hack is to learn what YouTube algorithm actually wants from us. YouTube wants to keep people watching more and more YouTube videos. If you can help YouTube in this, then you will be helped by YouTube. Yes we know you did not get it. Lets make it clear in 5 imporant tips.

1) Make longer videos

The first and the best working tip to get 4000 watch hours on youtube, fast is making longer videos. Now what if people get bored. Yes, dont make it too long that people even dont click your video. The lenght of video is always shown to the viewer so they can decide to watch or not a video even based on video lenght.

What should be the video size?

Better to keep your video starting from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. The lenght depends on topic or niche. Some niche needs longer videos while other needs smaller. Never ever try to streatch your videos just for more watch hours. Having said that, by longer videos we really mean, longer plus quality videos. Most of the YouTubers make very short video i.e one to two minutes. They make it for keeping good audience retention but this may hurt your watch time. shorter the videos the more it takes to complete 4000 watch hours.

What lenght should I select between 5 to 15 minutes?

The answer to this question is really simple. This totally depends on your content. You have to experiment it your self. But if it is working good at 5 minutes lenght then don’t stop there, make 8 minutes too. If it still work more to more greater lenght untill you see that people are getting bored and quality of video declines. Finally you can stop at 15 minutes if your video quality remains good at 15 minutes too.

2) Be aware of your competitors:

Now your lenght of video decision can also depends on your competitors videos lenght. See what lenght are they making the videos under the same topic. Don’t compare videos of different topics because that will not work for you as it is not a fair comparision. Go to competitors channel search for same topic video see its lenght. See how they are keeping the suspense and quality in the video with certain lenght. Just dont copy their time but also their video attraction techniques. This is because if you are making longer videos just by looking at your competitors videos, and your videos are not attractive enought and people start skipping it so your watch hours will not grow.

3) Audience retention:

Always focus on better audience retention for greater and faster watch time. Most of the youtuber don’t even focus on this and that is why they do not do well on YouTube. You have to work on YouTube technically. It is not just uploading videos. It is all about learning techniques and applying them in your videos.

Review your videos weekly

What you need to do is always review you weekly uploads. See their audience retention graph. In the graph spike area shows the part of video where most of the people stayed. This was the part where you kept your video interesting. This is the part where you can learn to make your other videos interesting too. This is how you will improve on YouTube day by day by learning from your mistakes and good work. Try to put same experience in other videos where there is a spike in the audience graph of a current video. Below image shows the audience retention graph. You can see the spike part as well. This is how you can analyze your videos.

Why audience retention fall?

This is because when people see your thumbnail, they get an idea what they will find in your video. Now whey the start watching your video, stat 15 seconds is watch by most of the pople just to see whether the video is giving the required info or the thumbnail was totally missleading. When people find the vidoe missleading, they bounce back and leave the video. This is why your audience retention fall down. This is how YouTube understand that your video is not providing quality content. YouTube does not recommend it to other people. Finally you do not perform well on YouTube.

See competitors how they keep people watching

You should always analyze your competitors videos. Do not upload on YouTube blindly and expect good result. You have to be smart enought to beat the competition. It is not impossible but yes it is tricky and you have to learn these tricks. See how competitors are keeping their audiency in their videos so that they watch the complete videos. How energetic they are. How their body language is. How their editing is. Finally what words are they using to keep viewer active and not get bored. This is same like advertising your product for selling. So you have to smart.

4) Ends Screens:

After you have made good lenght video and kept people watching your video till end, its time to shift them to watch your next videos. This is done by end screen. End screen advertise your next video. Try to put link to the video that is related to current video. The image below shows how end screens looks like.

When you put end screen in your end of video there are tow advantages. Number is that you are keeping your audience stay on your channel. Number tow you are helping YouTube algorithm. YouTube algorithm wants to keep people on YouTube. So if you help YouTube algorithm, then in return algorithm will help you too. It will rank your channel and recommend it to more people.

Push your viewers to reach the endscreens part

If your audience retention is good in start and middle and finally its bad in the end of the video, people will leave the video even before reaching the end. They will not see end screen and hence not your other videos. This will decrease the chances of getting more watch time. If you make your video end good people will reach end screen and hence click it to see more videos. This is how you will gain more watch time and achieve your goal to get 4000 watch hours fast.

5) Playlist Outline:

As you have to do each and every thing planed on YouTube. For that one thing is make your playlists structured i.e. you should have a playlist outline. This will tell which video will recommend which of the other vidoes. There must be a transition from one video to other. From one playlist to other playlist.

Following diagram show how you can make a playlist outline.

There are tow playlists each having three videos. You can see that video number has a transition to video number two. similarly video tow to video three. Finally video three has a transition to playlist tow and in the second playlist there is also transition from one video to other. This is how you make your audience jumping here and there on your videos and playlists and hence getting good amount of watch time.


The hack to getting 4000 watch hours easliy and fast is keep people watching your videos. This can be achieved by making video of greater lenght, focusing on audience retention, using end screens and structring the playlists.

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