Working Tips: how to get famous on youtube fast

You want to get followers on youtube and hence a long term fame. In this article we give a complete guide on how to get famous on youtube fast . Everyone wants to rank on youtube but if we see no all the people are able to rank their channel. The reason why most of the YouTubers fail is they just blindly create the videos, put thumbnail, title and description and keep waiting for the views. When they don’t see any result, blame YouTube that it is useless to hope for money out there, there is a lot of competition and other lame excuses. Hope you do not want to go that way and grow your channel technically, with proper guidline. Keep in mind these are really easy to follow. The guidelines we providing are totally free and we have learned them by our exprience and struggle. You do not need to struggle and just read the article completely to get the best results. We will provide you a step by by step plan to create an effectieve and searchable content. So let’s get started.

Step #1: Selection of serchable topic:

The biggest mistake that most of the youtubers make is just think about the results and do not think how to technically start and make effective content. They choose a topic and start creating the video. They do not do any research on topic selection. This is why the video after the upload, gets no impressions and hence no click. After all these issue, channel remains sleepy.

How to select a searchable topic to get famous on youtube fast?

For selecting a searchable topic, first of all create a list of topic that you can create a video on. These are the topics for which you have enough information to talk about. You can even collect the requird information from different online platforms. When the list of topic titles are ready, now start doing keyword research for your titles. Note that titles and keywords are same thing. As this article does not aim to explain how to do keyword research so for our complete guide on keyword research you can study the following article.

Complete guide to keyword research using vidIQ

After doing a keyword research you will be in a position to select the best topic in your topic list. Even you may find other better topic title during the keyword research. So finally you have achieved the goal of finding the searchable topic. All good now, create the video on this topic.

Step #2: Create a stunning thumbnail

Now that you have creted the video on a keyword or title that has high search volume and low competition, when people search for the same or relaeted topic, they will find your video. Technically this is called impression. Now our aim is to convert the impression into clicks. To increase our impression click-through rate (A YouTube terminology). For getting good number of clicks from the impression and finally turning in to followers only way is to create a stunning and attractive thumbnail. This will give you clicks and when viewers like your content, they will subscribe you. Making you earn lots of subscribers and get famous on youtube fast. The question then arises how we can create attractive thumbnail? Welldone! a good question. You can achieve this by following the points below while creating your thumbnail.

1) Always select contrasting colors in your thumbnail

By contrasting colors selection we mean that your backgournd color and text color must be different enough so that the viewer can read the text easily. If there will be difficulty in reading the thumbnail text, the viewer will not bother to click the video.

2) Do not use a lot of text

The purpose of thumbnail is just to give idea what is the video about and not to explain the whole idea. So make it to the point, simple and readable.

3) Selection of font-size

Selcect the font-size according to the text amount such that the aim of making the thumbnail readable is not compromised.

4) Meaning full text

Aways keep the text in thumbnail meaninfull. The text in thumbnail should match to title and also to the content of the video.

Now after creating an attractive thumbnail, most of the impression will turn into clicks and people will start watching your videos. In this way you will be able get the benifit of your SEO effort. If your thumbnail is not stunning and meaningfull, people will see it in the search result but not watch it. The next phase is to keep people watching your video. For this follow the following guidelines while creating your videos.

Step#3: Create effective videos

To get famous on youtube fast another most important things are the videos. Videos must pass out some important test and points so that you can easlily rank your channel. To create the best video content, producing better result, you must keep in mind the following important points:
1) Make a videos of longer lenght i.e. 5 to 12 minutes videos. If your content is interesting but length is short you will not get more watch time.
2) The video must be engagging in a sense that people watch your video completely. This is called audience retention. If your videos has better audience retention, there are more chances that YouTube will show your videos to other as suggested videos.
3) Always say your viewers to like, subscribe and share the video. When you give this reminder there are more chances that they subscribe your channel and watch your other videos when you uplaod them.
4) Always add end-screens to your videos. By doing so they will watch your other videos and views and watch time will increase.

Step#4: Playlists organization

When the viewer comes to your channel, you have to keep him in the loop of watching your videos. This can be achived by organizing your content into playlists. So if user goes to one of your playlists, he ill definitly watch your videos in that playlists. Keep in mind the last video in each playlist should point out to the other playlist. By this we mean that you should talk about the next playlist in the last videos of present playlist. This way you will be able to keep your viewers engagged.


Above guide starts from pondering on topic selection, keyword research, thumbnail optimization and ending in to audience retention technique. So if you follow these guidelines, it will help you in getting famous on youtube because your followers domain will expand.

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