Three Tricks: how to get your first 1000 subscribers

If you have created a youtube channel it means you have confidence in your self to work hard and grow your youtube channel. This is what we need from you. But the most important thing is not to struggle but to learn techniques and tricks. In this article we will discuss about getting your first 1000 subscribers on youtube. We will give you three working tips to boost your subscribers in fast and easily.

After creating the youtube channel first barrier for every youtuber is getting first 10000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. But do not worry our trics are the basic points that will help you a lot. Most of the beginner youtubers donot know or do not care about these methods. If you follow along this article completely and apply these three tricks or methods on your youtube channel it will definitely help you out to get your first 1000 subscribers

Now a days, people have a thought that it is not possible to get successfull on youtube. Alright, it is difficult but not impossible. Similarly on any online platform, where you want to earn money there is a lot of competition. So making your acount rank well has become a bit tricky and technical but it is not impossible. Another issue is that people dont plan and donot learn easy tricks by which they can get their channel rank. But we know you want to work and rank technically, not blindly. If yes, then lets learn these methods.

1) Always share auto subscribe youtube channel Link

This is a special URL that you can use to share it to your desired audience on other social platform. How this Link is different from normal Link is that when you visit normal youtube channel Link it just opens up your channel details to your channel visitors. The special auto subscribe Link is very interesting, it first pop-up the subscribe option and don’t let the user move forward without making a decision either to subscribe or not. Now this is not troublesome for your visitors because if he/she doesnot want to subscribe, they can simply cancel. Mostly the chances are that they will subscribe because they are your desired audience whith whome you have share the channel link.

How to generate Auto subscribe link?

What you need to do is just put ?sub_confirmation=1 with your youtube channel normal link. Let suppose normal link is

when we add ?sub_confirmation=1 this will become auto subscribe link:

Here is how it will look like when someone visits to your channel using auto subscribe link

As the user see this pop-up he will definitely subscribe to your channel. This way your channel subscribers will go very easily and rapidly. In short this will help you a lot in your goal to achive first 1000 subscribers on your youtube channel.

Now lets move on and do not miss the next most important point.

2) Make your subs count private

People are always interested in quality content. To know about the quality of the content on youtube, one of the criteria is to see how much subscribers does a youtube channel has. Now for new channels this becomes really frustrating. Even though they make quality channel but they have not gain much subscribers yet, people donot want to spend more time on their channel due to lack of trust. To enhance the trust the trick is to make your subscribers count as private. This will prevent your viewer making the descision just on the bases of subscribers count. They will visit your channel and watch your content. When they like your content definitely they will subscribe.

3) Collaboration with other youtubers:

First of all let us understand what does this term collaboration in terms of YouTube means. collaboration means reaching out to someone and creating a video with them.

What does collaboration with other YouTubers do?

It exposes you to new audience with in your niche. When new audience knows you, and find the content useful they will definitely subscribe you. So if your partner youtuber has 2000 subscribers then it is a good chance that you will get 1000 to 1500 new subscribers. So this trick is really best and may even boost your subscribers from weeks to days.

How to collaborate?

There are two ways to do it.

  1. Some one reach out to you: When you make good content and you grow your audience, then people start collaborating with you to boost their audience. This will boost their audience as well as yours too. Because the aim of collaboration is to find a youtuber that match your niche and then exchange audiences. This method is not in your control. This method totally depends on how good your channel is, ranking wise.
  2. Go find other yotuber in your niche: The second way is in your control i.e. go and find the youtuber of your niche. When you find such people you can contact them by email. Best way to get their email is to see the channel details.

Points to remember for collaboration:

For a good response from the youtuber that you want to callaborate with, give him some idea for collaborating video. Tell him/her in the email that what content are you going to create a video with him. What will be the benifit. Why is it necessary for both of us. This will tilt his mind towards collaboration and make it easy for you. Another you must keep in mind is start producing your best before collaboration and mail when you have enough content.

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