How to increase YouTube impressions

Understanding YouTube Impression

Before we explain the ways to increase YouTube impressions we first need to realise what impressions are. Why impressions are important? When and when not impressions are considered. What is impression click through rate. These are some important concepts that should be learnt if you are serious about your YouTube channel. Let see these topics one by one.

Impression count is the number of time YouTube video thumbnail is viewed by a person on YouTube. There are so many ways to impression, like YouTube search feature, browse feature, suggested videos. Keep in mind click on the thumbnail is not necessary for the impression count. This is just a glance upon the thumbnail of your YouTube video. An impression may or may not turn into views or clicks. The goal of a youtuber is to maximise clicks out of impressions. There are a lot of ways to turn impressions into clicks.

Conditions for the impressions to be counted

There are some basic conditions on the impressions to be counted on YouTube video. Here are the conditions listed below

  1. The time span on the thumbnail must be greater than 1 seconds.
  2. More than 50% portion of the thumbnail must seen to count the glance as impression.
  3. Click on the thumbnail is also always counted as impression. So a click means an impression and a click.
  4. If you share your link to someone on social sources like whats-app Facebook etc so any hover or seeing a link is not counted as impression.

Areas where impressions are legally counted

  1. Home page of YouTube.
  2. Trending History.
  3. Videos selected to be Watched later.
  4. Videos shown as Recommended.
  5. Coming Up Next video.
  6. YouTube feeds.

Areas where impressions not counted

  1. Videos embedded on website other than YouTube.
  2. Mobile site of YouTube.
  3. YouTube Kids.
  4. YouTube TV.
  5. Cards.
  6. Ends Screens.
  7. YouTube videos in email.
  8. Push Notification.
  9. Glance on thumbnail for less than a second.
  10. Glance on less than 50% portion of thumbnail.

Why are Impressions so Important?

When you create your YouTube videos you aim to have clicks, watch-time and subscribers. You can not gain these without impressions. Let us understand this logically. When someone searches a topic on YouTube and finds your video. He don’t click first. First of all he looks at your thumbnail, then read the title to see if you are providing the content that he really wants to see. So this is called as impression. As it is said the “First impression is the last impression”. If your thumbnail and title are attractive he will definitely click the link and watch your video. When he likes your content so as a result he will hit the like and subscribe button. So what we learnt after all, impression is the basic source of views, likes and subscribers.

What is Impression Click Through Rate (I-CTR)

It is a google term use measure the number of impressions turned out to be clicks. This is measured in percentage. To make it more simple for you suppose 100 people put a glance on your YouTube video. 30 among them clicks on your video and start watching it. This means your Impression click through rate is 30%. By the discussed example we do not really mean that how YouTube calculates CTR but we are just giving a simple example so that you can have a basic idea. The goals must be to maximise the impression click through rate. If with the passage of time less people clicks on the video as compared to the number of impressions, your CTR will go down. It means your thumbnail and your title are not attractive enough or they are not matching the viewer requirements. Once your CTR goes very down your videos will start dying. So work on your video to boost CTR. The best impression click through rate ranges between 2% to 10%. So you have to work upon this to make it as good as possible.

How to check Impression for a video?

To check impression on a video, go to video analytics of that video. When you open video analytics for your video there you will find a reach options. Click on this option and this will give you number of impressions count, impression click through rate, and number of views the video has got in the selected time. To see impression for a certain period of time, click on the date option on the top right corner of your video analytics tab. Select the date of interest and you will be able to see the number of impressions your video has gotten in that date.

How you can get more views and watch time if you gain more impressions?

If you are getting more impressions on your videos its great. It means you have optimised your channel and videos well. It means YouTube is recommending your videos and suggesting your videos to more and more number of people. But if you are not getting a lot of impressions then you need to work on your channel. You have to build up a working strategy to gain more impressions, views and watch time. This is because impressions are the ways to make your channel boost. They lead in to views, likes and subscribers. If YouTube algorithm tries to support your videos, it will send a lot of impressions on your videos. In this way YouTube will test if the video is good enough. So work on the impressions. Here are some ways how you can increase your impressions:

how to increase YouTube impressions

1) Optimise your videos

The first and the most important thing is the optimisation of your videos. This is because if you are not working on videos or channel optimisation then you will never be able to rank on YouTube. To optimise your videos you have to learn search engine optimisation techniques for YouTube. Let us discuss it a bit here. By search engine optimisation we mean use such key phrases in title and description which have less competition and more traffic on YouTube. There are many tools to do this and we have posted a complete articles on these tools. Visit following links to see how to do keyword research and do YouTube video optimisation.

Keyword research using vidIQ

2) Create stunning YouTube thumbnail

The best part of your videos to catch audience attention is thumbnail. This is the first impact that your video can put on your audience. If you pass out in your first impact he will concentrate on your thumbnail and try to read it. This is what we already discussed that if he put a glance for more than a second then this will be considered as impression. So if your video thumbnail is attractive there are great chances to get more and more impressions and hence views.

3) Create searchable and trending content

If you are working on the content that is not searchable or trending then you are just making effort on the wrong thing. The first and the foremost thing when you start your channel is to think of the niche that has no a lot of competitions. For example if you are making some tutorial series on a topic that is already so much saturated and there are a lot of you-tubers ranking on that niche so it will be really difficult for you to rank if not impossible. Try to make videos on the trending topics. If you do so there will be great chances that people will watch your video and very much chances that your video goes viral.

4) Try to do frequent uploads

Uploading videos on YouTube frequently and consistently ranks your channel. YouTube algorithm then start supporting such channels. so if you upload frequently YouTube will recommend your videos and show it to more and more people. This will help you increase your YouTube channel or videos impressions.


After making a lot discussion on impression we have come to the stage where we know what is impression, What is counted as impression and what not. What is CTR (click through rate). How to improve CTR. Finally we have discussed some ways on how to increase YouTube impressions. If you follow these ways and take them seriously you will be able to grow your YouTube channel in an effective way possible.

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