How to make money on youtube without making video

The normal procedure on YouTube to earn money is make videos. Edit them , do its SEO and upload them. For this, you must have quality gadgets and proper time to do each and every thing. Now most of you have a question in your mind that how to make money on youtube without making video? Is it even possible? Yes but the procedure is not to avoid the videos making, but to be able to make the video with super easy technique. Get idea of which niche to select and make videos super fast and boom, earn a lot . In this article, complete guidance will be provided. You have to work on youtube without any gadget like camera, mic etc etc. You will get traffic from US and in millions and will be able to boost your traffic.

To learn this trick you have to read this article complete, from start to end, so that you donot miss any important point. Here the main idea is not that you will not create a single video and earn money but the fast way to make this possible. As YouTube is a video based platform so you can not deny to create a video and get money out of it.

Lets first see some channels that how much they eran, get idea of their content, and finally the phase will come to implement this idea.

So let start. See the image blow shows a YouTube channel opend on ( A site that gives details about a social media acconunt likes pages etc. This image gives details like the channel has:

  1. 1.3 million subscribers
  2. 58 uploads (videos)
  3. Ranking in USA
  4. Its ranking in tech channels is 323
  5. Monthly income is from $580 to $9.3k
  6. Daily averge subscribers gain is shown in the below image from
    socialblade, is about 77K

Now the screen shot below shows the youtube channel details of he data is beautiful channel.

You can see that these videos are comperision vidoes. You can easily make comparision videos.

Now we are going to show you easy way of creating such comparision videos. The website below:

Site to make money on youtube without making video

Here is the link to the website: Just create a new account and in your account press create new visualizaion button as shown in the image below.

Now you will see different bar-charts and graph-charts designs

Let we select on bar-chart race optoin as shown in the image below

You will now see the demo of how this chart works as shown in the following screen shot.

Now let suppose you want to compare the top games from 2000 to 2020 that which game from which has remain on top in which year. Or you want to see which game has more installs in this or any of your desired period. So you can do any type of comperission.

Now you have to collect the data for your comparision and let you have collected the data. Once data is availble click on the data option as shown below

You can edit the data on the plat form as shown below and then press export and publish option as shown in the 2nd image.

If the want you to pay the amont for the video download so please pay if you can afford else you can record the comparions video via screen recorder.


In order to earn money from YouTube the above discussed procedure is the fastest way to create the video. You do not need any gadget and simply need a comparision data and boom, start earning.

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