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Are you trying to build your YouTube audience? and you want to learn how to promote YouTube channel for free or paid. So you are reading the right article. In this article we will discuss 6 easy ways by which you can imporove your ranking on YouTube and increase your subscribers as well as watch time. These 6 ways includes both free YouTube promotion as well as paid YouTube promotion. So lets get started.

Free Methods:

1) YouTube SEO:

Brief Introduction to SEO:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as the name indicates, is a way to organically increase your search appearance on search engines like YouTube, Google etc.

How SEO can help your YouTube channel ?

As SEO is an optimization technique by which people start reaching to your YouTube channel by YouTube search. In this techniquie what you need to do is to find a searchable title for your video. By which, when people search for that specific or related title, YouTube will show your videos too.

6 Easy Tips for YouTube SEO:

  1. Always choose a topic in which people are interested.
  2. Your title should match your description, tags and text in thumbnail.
  3. Create attracting thumbnails. Thumbnails should not be misleading.
  4. Try to use low competitive and high search volume keywords.
  5. Try to upload videos consistently.
  6. Make Videos to the point. Don’t make your viewers get borred.
  7. Do I need technical information for SEO?
  8. No you do not need any kind of technical information. You just need to grasp the concept of SEO, learn tips and tricks related to SEO and then apply. There is no coding or other technical concepts involved in it.

2) Facebook Pages and Groups:

If you already have a fan following on facebook page or group, then it is really to reach out your required audience. What you need to do is always create a post realted to the video that you have newly uploaded on YouTube. This will help you increase your subscribers because these are the people who have already shown interest in your content by follwing you on facebook. They will subscribe and also watch your video. As the time pass and your facebook page or group grows, parallely your YouTube channel will grow.

3) Blogs/Website:

If you have a blog or a website and you have good audience on that then you can also gether the audience from there. As on google threre are thounds of searches per minutes, making it a best platform for organic reach. Having said that what you need to do is just create a blog post for your video and explain what you are talking in that video. Most people like to watch video instead of reading articles. So definitely they will watch your videos. If they find your content having good quality, they will definitely subscribe to your channel. Hence increasing your overall audience.

4) Whatsapp:

Now a days almost everybody has whatsapp. Hopefully you are using too. This makes a really easy way to reach more people and spread your content. Just copy the latest video link from YouTube and share it to all of your content. As they watch your videos this will increase your watch time, views and subscribers too.

Paid Methods:

5) Google Ads:

Google ads is on of the paid methods to promote your YouTube channels. There are different types of goole ads that you can use for different puposes. For YouTube chnnel promotion you have to use display ads. As display ads are related to YouTube so it is the best choice for promoting your YouTube channel using google ads.


While promoting your YouTube using google display ads, you must make short video (trailor) video. This is due to the logic that ads are always created with short videos length. If you create long videos so people will watch them for few seconds and will skip. This will fall your average view duration of the video and hence hurt video ranking.

6) Facebook Ads:

You can promote your YouTube channel using facebook ads too. Simply create a facebook page and link your YouTube video in a post. Then advertise that post on facebook. if you do proper targetting, people will watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.

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