how to start a youtube channel from scratch in 2021

This video is for newbies who want to create a YouTube channel and earn money from YouTube in 2021. We will discuss about the complete process that how we can create a youtube channel. This will be a step by step guide from start to end. So if you are ready to start your YouTube channel in 2021 this article will be really helpfull for you.

What are the Requirements?

1) You Should have a gmail account:

As you are using a smartphone so hopefully you have a gmail account too.

2)Smart Phone/ Laptop:

you must also have a smartphone or a laptop atleast.

Step by step guide to create a youtube channel

  • open and see sign in option press that
  • Select the gmail account that you want to add to your youtube channel
  • Now you are logged in to youtube using your gmail account.
  • When you create on account icon you will see following options:
  • When you hit create channel option you will see as following interface press get started
  • Then you will see following interface: You will have option to use gmail id name or a cutom name (new) for your youtube channel. Press custom name option
  • Insert name of your choice. Check mark the check box and press create button.
  • Congrats! your channel is created now following interface will be shown which requires you to add the profile picture for your channel.
  • Add your channel description. Tell what this channel is about. What will the viewer learn from this channel.
  • Then comes the optional step to add links to your website, facebook page, instagram account or twitter account. Finally press save and continue.
  • Once your account is created you will see following dashboard.
  • Now again if you click on account icon you will see a youtube studio link. Press that to got to the youtube studio. You will see the following interface.
  • Click in any area at the side of popup and you will be able to see youtube studio.

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