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Ranking on YouTube has become really easy as there are so many tools that helps you analyze and create search engine optimized content. The most famous tool to rank well on youtube is tubebuddy. In this article you will be able to learn how to use tubebuddy. How to explore ranking tags using tubebudyy. So let us first know that:

What is tubebuddy?

Tubebuddy is a really power full tag explorer to get more views on a youtube video for small as well as big youtubers. Specially for small youtuber who have no much idea how to rank well, tubebuddy makes it really easy for them to select the topic for their youtube video creation. It helps them analyze which title or keywords will work and which not. Most of the youtuber ignore getting help out of this chrome extension, and hence get less views on their viedoes. To download TB chrome extension use

Five tubebuddy tools to learn

Now we know what tubebuddy actually is, so lets learn to use tubebuddy tools and get the best out of it.

Tool No 1: Tubebuddy search bar

Now will have a step by step guide how to use tubebuddy tool. We hope you have installed free tubebuddy chorome extension before proceeding with the steps below.

1) Go and open tubebuddy. To open tubebuddy press tubebuddy icon in youtube page as shown in image belwo.

2) Now open Keword explorer. To open it keyword explorer option after opening tube buddy by previous step.

3) What mistake most of youtubers make is that they put entire title in keyword explorer and that’s not how it works. Put specific keyword or topic of your video lets say its tube buddy.

4) First thing we see is over all scrore. This tells whether we should make a video on this or not. yes you can take it in consideration but you should check also the score analysis as shown in the image below.

5) So we can se the analysis that search volume is excellent because a lot of people are looking for the tube buddy. But we can see that competition is really poor because there are so many videos already made on YouTube.
There are about 1.23 Million video on this topi as shown in the below image.

Optimization Score in tubebuddy

Now the optimization score is that how many times the keyword tubebuddy is used in the 1.23 Million videos in their tags, title and descriptions. We can see the optimization score is good i.e. a lot videos contains this keyword and a lot dont. We mostly dont look at optimization score but we see monthly search results Which is 523 thousands.

Video searches tab in tubebuddy

Now as you can not make a video on this keyword because its score is poor but what you can do is see the realted tab and see video searches. Video searches is what searches are made on youtube specifically. What are people looking for related to keyword tube buddy.

6) Web searches are what are people searching goolge related to this topic. You can see this in the image below.

7) We first of all see video searches tab and then go towards web searches after that if can not find good score or search volume in video searches. Let say we select tube buddy for youtbe keywod in video searches tab area. We get all the details realated to this keyword.The score shown in the second video is 38 out of 100 which is fair. But if you see search volume it is highlited in yellow i.e. it has not a lot of search volume.

9) Let say we type “tubebuddy for youtube views” Now we can see in the below image that the search volume is extremely high for this keyword and shows green signel for the so entered keyword. There for we can decide to make video on this topic because a lot of people are looking for it.

What is Unweighted tab in tubebuddy?

We can also see tow other tabs in the image below that are weighted and unweighted tabs. Unweighted comes with free version of tubebuddy. It is a general kind of details that how whether or not you should go after a specific kewyword it does not give details how much views and subscribers you can possibally get.

What is weighted tab in tubebuddy?

It is for paid ones. This gives details specific to your channel and guide you more in decision of creating or not a video on a specific keyword. In our case if we see it tell about the keyword specific to our channel that the score is excellent i.e. 100 out of 100. We can see in the below image that the search volume is really heigh and we can get a lot of views for the video made on the keyword and competition is not so high making it easy to get more views on the youtube videos.

Tool # 2: Goolge trends

In the context of learning to use tubebuddy, second tool that you should use is google trends. The awesome thing is that it is pre built in tubebuddy. What you need to do is simply select the Historical tab and that will take you right to the google trends. This is specific to past 12 months and world wide youtube search. It is not related to your country or web search or certain time frame. We see that our keyword “tubebuddy for youtube views” is not getting good result in google trends because it is a long tails keywods and google finds not trends for this keyword.

So we change back our keyword to tubebuddy and open historical tab again. What we see that this keyword is consistent past last 12 months. So we see the graph and see important points for the keywords that whether it consistent or not and is there enough traffic. Even if this is something not blowing up right now but you will hope for this trend. So if you even not find any trend for the short tail keyword still you should go back to tool # 1 and utalize that.

Tool # 3: A/B testing for your thumbnail

This is only possible if you have a legend account in tube buddy that we are having. Because we know this tool is extremely usefull to know how to get higher CTR (Click Through Rate) on a video and overall on a thumbnail. What A/B testing is comparing two thumbnails and see which is going to get high CTR (Click Through Rate). This is something we can use for each video because it is a game chaning thing.

The way to access A/B testing:

Go to home page of tubebuddy and select A/B Test option as shown in the image below.

The image below shows a test and also shows the variation of the CTR. In our case it is 8.1% i.e. there are 8.1% more changes to get more impressions and hence views on the videos.

Now if click on the result we get its more details. The image here shows these details like average view duration for the 2nd video is more than the first one. By this we can decide which thumbnail to use. This tool also let you analyze what color or faical expressions going to perform better. For our case we can analyze the purple is not going to work better and we have to use black white and red colors in our thumbnails and we can do this for our other videos too. These are the ideas that youtube analytics does not give right now so these are like game changing ideas for you to get more views on your YouTube videos using tubebuddy.

Tool # 4: Suggested Tags:

When you put your title and description while uploading your videos you scroll down to tags and can see that tubebuddy is going to suggest you tags for your videos. Tags will just help you get your SEO score increased. The tags are also scored so you can take better decision to choose which one that will get you more views.

Tool # 5: Trending

This is the trending tab in your keyword explorer. It tells you what is trending now a days. You can also select the country and know what is most searched topic right now in your area. When you make videos on these topics so you have more chances to get views as more the topics area searched better the SEO can work. If SEO is really best but the topic is not trending then still SEO will not work so this is better way to get trending content ideas to get more views.


Tubebuddy is a good tool to get more views on your videos but another thing to get more views on your videos is to create attractive thumbnails.

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