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As of now we all know there is a lot of competition on YouTube. There are thousands of daily videos uploads increasing the competition more and more. To rank well on youtube you have to use different strategies and tricks. To make it easy for you there are a lot of tools that claims to make it easier for the new YouTubers to rank on YouTube but one of the best among these tools is vidIQ. This article will provide you complete information and guidance from installing to using vidIQ for the keyword research. Ananlyze your competiotors videos, channel. The article also covers how to get idea or the trending content using vidIQ. So before jumping into the details first of all let you get familiar with the tool vidIQ.

What is vidIQ?

VidIQ is a free chrome extension that help you in ranking your youtube videos and hence your channel too. This is a YouTube certified tool that you can trust on. It gives you general details about a channel like number of subscribers, views, likes and watch time etc. It also give some technical details about which keyword to select and which not. It makes the keyword research process easy and smooth for the newbie and non-technical YouTubers. Now as we got idea of vidIQ and its importance, lets learn how to install this tool in simple easy step by step manner.

How to install vidIQ

1) Search for the keyword “Vidiq for chrome” in chrome browser.

2) When you search above keyword you get link to the chrome extension for vidIQ. Press this link as shown in the image below.

3) This will redirect to vidIQ chrome extension page. Now press “Add to chrome” Option.

4) A pop-up will appear in your browser asking for “add extension” This pop-up tells you what vidIQ can do. Now press “add extension” option.

5) This will first download vidIQ extension for you and then install it on your chrome automatically. You will finally be redirected to and vidIQ channel video will tell you what to do next. Now watch that video completely and fllow the instruction.

6) After completing step 5 you will be able to see vidIQ Details for any video that you open in youtube.

As we have installed the vidIQ now we are in a position to use vidIQ for getting channels details, keyword research etc. We will do these by learning the features of vidIQ.

Features of vidIQ

1) Like to Dislike Ratio

When you opent YouTube you will be able to see how many people have liked and how many disliked. This is also shown in percentage form so you can judge the quality of video before opening that video and watching for few seconds. This, at the end of the day, save your time. The percentage of likes and dislikes is shown in different colors i.e. yellow means likes are less compared to dislikes green means likes are more than dislikes while red means there are very few likes.

2) Side bar options

When you open side bar in your YouTube studio as shawn in image below, you will see different other options that we have underlined in the image. We will talk about this latter.

3) Analytics

When you move your cursor over the vidIQ analytics option on the top right side of youtube home page. You see analytics details area. This tells you how much your videos are watched in hours for last 12 months. More over it also gives you the details of views in last 60 minutes and last 48 hours and other times. Similarly it also gives views ideas on your YouTube shorts as well as your subscribers gained.

4) Keyword reasearch using vidIQ

Details of the searched keyword

Now lets search a keyword “How to earn money” in youtube and see the results given by vidIQ. So the image below shows the information provided by vidIQ in the right side of YouTube page.

Highest/Average Number of viwes and Subscribers gain

So you will be able to know the hightes number of views the video that is ranking on this keyword as well as average number of views for the videos that are ranking on this keyword.You will also know about how many subscribers people have gained by using this keyword.

Overall score for searched keyword

Scrolling a bit down you will be able to see overall score given by vidIQ to this keyword. By this you can decide whether to use this keyword or not.

Search volume and competition

You will also know the details that how much monthy search volume does this keyword have, and how is the competition that you can face using this keyword.

Top ranking channels for the keyword

More you will see are the top channels that are ranking for this keyword. The advantage is that when you know about the top channels then you can visit these channels and see their content and know better idea to create similar content and rank well.

Top related opportunities

The best thing is you get other related keywords that are better to rank your video for similar topic. This way you know what keywords are ranking and haning more search volume and less competition for your desired topic.

Trending Videos

When you scroll down you will be able to see trending videos related to your topic. This is helpfull becuase you get idea about how much views are people getting on this topic while their videos are trending. You can directly visit these videos and see what they are talking about. Know their plus and minus points and then decide your own content to perform better than them.

Video analytics

When you open any video in youtube now vidIQ will give you analytics about this video. Let’s open a video and see what we get.

Video overview and Social information

This area gives the information like how much score does this video gets from vidIQ. Also how many views does this video has gotten in an hour. Another thing you will see is total number of views this video has received. Last but not the least, the duration of the video.Down to the overview the are Social give details about the engagement for example likes,dislikes and.

SEO details

vidIQ in this area give the SEO score to the video. By this, if a video has good scroe you can make this video as a guide for you. Get what source of content they have created, How they keep the visitors engaged.

Video optimization checklist

This check list give you the details about Title, description, Thumbnail quality, cards used or not, is video public, have used end-screens or not. So when you open any of your competitors video and get these details and see what the video is lacking. Then you can create better video and rank well.

Channel and tag area

You can see the channel details for the video like its daily views, country, subscribers, average daily subscribers, subscribers in last 30 days etc. You can see the tags that the video is using. So in short you will get the complete information on just on click or visit.

Advance Embed and add as competitor

Down the video that you have opened vidIQ provide you an option to click and get and advance embed and add a video or a channel as a competitor. This is shown in the image below.

Filtering comments

Another awesome thing that you can do is filter the comments in comments section. Like you can see certain types of comments. This may be questions etc. This helps you analyze your comments easily. This helps in finding trending topics because you can got to the comments area of the big youtubers and find question that people are asking for in the comments using vidIQ.

Channel details by vidIQ

When we visit any channel we can get option to download csv file for channel data. Also we can add or remove a channel as a competitor. In the right middle thre is also an option of trending by vidIQ by which you can find trending videos for that channel. You can get Top keywords for the channel.

vidIQ tools for YouTube studio dashboard

Peak time to upload video

If you open any of your video in youtube studio and go to edit section vidIQ gives you details of the peak time in which you can upload your video to get best results. This is because this is the time when your most of the subscribers are online.

Add tags using vidIQ

When you scroll down to the tag area you can see your tag score and see on what number you video is ranking for a certain tag. Belwo this you also get ideas of more tags in the recommended tags section.

Side bar options

When we open side bar in youtube studio we see competitors and other options as shown in the image below.

Competitors details

This option gives us details about the competition with the competitor. Like how much is views difference etc etc. By this we can create good content to beat our competitors and also now about the plus and minuses of competitor.

Trend Alert

Opening trend alert option, we can create a trend alert by providing name, keywords, category etc option. So when ever a video that is trending and if match to the alert we create, you will be notified and hence you will be able to create similar video at the right time to get benifit out of it.

Most Viewed

This gives you the idea of most viewd videos and details like how much views have the got in a specific seletec duration. These are the things that helps you create ternding and searchable content makin it very easy for you to grow your youtube channel.

More over there are channel audit, achievements and vidIQ Academy optoin that you can also you to see your achivements and share them etc.

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