Most Famous Temples in Chennai

Chennai, formerly known as Madras is the capital city of the South Indian state of Tamil
Nadu is also a centre of temples for various faiths. Built-in the unique South Indian
architectural styles, these temples in Chennai are a symbol of spirituality, culture, art and
The never-ending shores of Marina, bustling streets of T. Nagar, peaceful stroll in ECR,
sparkling classic shopping malls, spicy hot street stalls, and not to miss the ancient spiritual
abodes, is what defines Chennai; the capital of Tamilnadu. Modernisation can change many
things but be it any era the spiritual thirst of Tamil people will never be replaced.
The crowded walls of Chennai temples will authenticate this fact. This capital town is dotted
with surplus temples dedicated to all Hindu gods, including Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu,
Goddess Sakthi, Murugan, Vinayaka, Guberar, Lakshmi and many more. Following are the
top ten most popular temples to visit in Chennai.

Temples in Chennai you must visit

Kapaleeswarar Temple:

Chennai’s renowned and cherished Kapaleeswarar temple is the chief landmark of Mylapore
and one of the popular and prominent temples in Chennai. The prime idol is Lord Siva in the
form of Lingam.
Built-in the 7th century by the Pallavas, this serene temple is said to be one of the oldest
temples in Tamilnadu. This temple is mostly buzzed with devotees on Mondays and Fridays.
The dazzling 12 days celebration of Bhramotsavam during the month of March is a splendor
sight to see.
Nearby the Kapaleeswarar temple there are surplus places to visit some of them are as
follows Gaudiya mutt, Shirdi Sai baba temple, Express avenue mall, Parthasarathy temple
and Marina beach.

Parthasarathy Temple:

Dedicated to Lord Venkat Krishna, the Parthasarathy temple located at Triplicane is one of
the most famous and ancient temples in Chennai.
The splendid feature of the temple is the colourful Gopuram, which entices everyone. This
temple has been mentioned in the ancient Tamil scripts of Alvars. Apart from this, the temple
houses separate shrines for Lord Narasimha, Lord Rama and Varaha. Every Fridays and
Saturdays are crowded as those days are very auspicious to Lord Venkata Krishna.
Parthasarathy temple is located at the heart of the city and so there are surplus options to do
after your darshan. The places to see around the Parthasarathy temple are Marina beach, T
Nagar, Kapaleeswarar temple, Shirdi sai baba temple, Vivekananda house, Express Avenue
mall, Rama Krishna temple and a lot more.

Ashthalakshmi Temple:

The Ashtalakshmi Temple located near the Elliot beach in Chennai is one of the most
beautiful temples in Chennai and the ancient temple which is one of its kind as it houses all
the eight forms of Lakshmi under one roof.
The colossal effigy of Lord Vishnu inside the main sanctum is a great sight to behold. The
architecture of this temple attracts every beholder as it is very unique and can’t be seen
anywhere else. Located beside the shore of Besant Nagar beach, Ashtalakshmi temple
comprises four floors reached by a steep staircase.
Nearby tourist attraction to Ashthalakshmi temple is Kalakshetra dance academy, Besant
Nagar beach, Gandhi statue, Marundeeswarar temple, Arupadai Murugan Veedu temple,
Elliot’s beach, Ramakrishna temple, and the Anna centenary library.

Kalikambal Temple

Dedicated to Shri Kaligambal and Lord Kamadeswarar, The Kalikambal Temple in Chennai
is one of the oldest temples in Tamilnadu, built-in 1640 AD. Located in Thambu Chetty
Street, a prominent financial street at Georgetown, running parallel to Rajaji Salai.
Though the temple had faced demolition during the invasion of the Portuguese, it has been
restored later and still it holds its grace and sacredness. The idol of the Goddess Kalikambal
is very sublime and glows in her peaceful charm.
Nearby Tourist Attraction Places: Padi Sivan temple, Shri Ayyappan temple, Viswaroopa
Adhivyadhihara Sri Bhaktha Anjaneyaswami Temple, VadaPalani Murugan temple,
ThiruVidanthai temple and Madras War cemetery.

Arupadai Veedu Murugan Temple:

Arupadai Veedu Murugan Temple situated in Besant Nagar is one of the popular temples in
Chennai which is dedicated to Lord Murga. The speciality of this temple is that it houses all
the Six army camps of Lord Muruga under one roof.
There are separate shrines inside this temple for all the six Lord Murga such as Palani
Dhandayuthpani, Thiruthani Murugan, Thiruparankundram Murugan, Palamuthircholai
Murugan, Thiruchendoor Subramaniyan, Swami Malai Murugan. People from neighbouring
places take Kavadi on the eve of New Year and Thai Poosam.
The architecture of this temple is noteworthy and it is well maintained with neat corridors for
the devotees to rest a while.
As this temple is very near to Besant Nagar beach, you can take a lovely stroll on the beach
along with your visit to this temple. Pamban Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi Temple is located at
a distance of about 1.5kms from this temple and the famous Ashtalakshmi temple is also
very nearer to this temple.

Sri Marundeeswarar Temple :

Marundeeswarar temple at Thrivanmaiyur in Chennai is the largest temple in Chennai one of
the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalams, sprawling across an area of one-acre land. The architectural
beauty of this temple is peerless and demands a second visit.
The Marundeeswarar temple has been a place of curative worship for people with diseases.
This temple is believed to have the partial feature of Pallava dynasty and partially with Chola
art. This colossal temple is beautified with intricate carvings, immaculate paintings and
ornate pillars. The five-tier Gopurams with impeccable effigies are a great sight to behold.
Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is found crowded on the days of Brahmotsvam, Siva
Rathiri, Pradhosham and on all Mondays.
Places to see around Marudeeswarar temple are Sri Krishna Balarama temple,
Ashtalakshmi temple, Besant Nagar beach, VGP universal kingdom, Rukmini Devi museum,
VGP golden beach and lot more.

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