what is channel keywords in youtube?


In this article we will answer and important question that what is channel keywords in youtube? More over we will also discuss how set YouTube channel keywords in Channel Keywords are the words or phrases that defines your channel. By this we mean this tells about your channel that what this channel speaks about. What are the topics coverd in the channel. Channel keywords gives the idea to user what kind of videos will they find on your channel. These keywords helps the youtube in recommending your videos i.e. when people are watching other videos, youtube will know by your channel keywords that your channel is also about the same topic that the viewer is currently watching and hence will recommend him/her.

Benifits of Adding channel Keywords

  1. Channel Keywods helps youtube in channel categorization: As youtube categories each channel based on the content that channel produces. Channel Keywods helps youtube in this categorization. This means it indirecly helps in ranking your channel as when your channel category is identified then next step for youtube is to recommend this channel to the desired audience.
  2. Channel keywords also helps viewers search your channel: When you add keywords to your channel and when any of the related keywords is triggered as a search, your channel will start appearing. This will increase your channel views as well as ranking. The more the chances to appear your channel in youtube search, the more will your channel rank on youtube.

How to set youtube channel keywords?

1) Open youtube and click on your youtube account icon in the top right as shown in image below.

2) You will see a drop down menu. Select YouTube Studio option.

3) YouTube studio will open then select Settings option in left side bar as shown in image.

4) A pop will appear as in the below image. Click on the channel option.

5) Now you can see the keywords field. Here you can insert your desired keywords. Once inserted, press save. Cool you have set keywords for your channel.

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