YouTube Monetization Rules/Policy | Google Adsense | 2021

If you are a new youtuber or you do blogging, then the new monetizatoin policies of adsense or rules of adsense that can be very helpful for you in 2021 are discussed in details here. The most important questions related to adsense of YouTube or blog and any hurdles that you can face, will be discussed in this article. So when your YouTube channel of blog grows in future , you are able to solve any problem that you face. This is really important because once your channel or blog grows and you get into such problems, while you dont know how to solve them, it is then really frustrating. We will solve these question one by one as given below:

1) When To create an Adsenese account?

You can create an adsense account when ever you want. If you are a YouTuber then best time to create adsense account is when you have completed the threshold of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers. On other hand if you are a blogger then the recommened time to create your adsense account is when you have uploaded many posts (30 to 40) and you have rich organic traffic on your site.

2) Should we create individual or business adsense account?

If you are an individual YouTuber then the suitable account for you is to create and individual adsense account. If you are a company then the account that is suitable for you is business adsense account.

3) From which email should we create adsense account?

You can create your adsense account from any email but our recommendation is that on email by which your channel is created, you should create your adsense account. This is because this email is under your reach so you can know about the updates or issues easily.

4) How many adsense can be made by one name?

You can create one adsense account by a name. But adsense also requires your ID card number so you can be unique by your ID card. If you are blocked by adsense then you cant make your adsense account with same name and you would have to see some other way to create it.

5) How to create adsense account if my age is below 18 ?

You cant create an adsense account if you are below 18 age. You should ask you other elder family members to create one for you.

6) Should we get adsense payment by bank or western union?

Bank is better option because you get your paymen on time in your account and you will not need to go any western union franchise to cash your payment. Make sure in any bank you account is opened, ask your bank support that what is my bank swift code. Swift code is most import to get money to your bank. For swift code you can also seek google help. You should also know about your IBAN for your bank account to get payment to your bank.

7) Can we change bank account?

Yes, but it is recommended not to change the bank account again and again.

8) How is adsense verfied?

In past there was only one step for adsense verification i.e. only address verfication. You put address and on that address a verification pin was sent and you get verified by that. But now there are two steps

a) Identity verfication:

You need to send your ID card photos. Or you can also you Passport or driver license. Photos must be quality one.

b) Online Varificatino:

You should keep in mind that in the previous step the address that you enter should be such that you can receive post on that. Pin will be posted on that address. Pin generated and sent should reach you with in 4 weeks. If you do not get the pin with in 4 weeks you reapply . You can repapply 3 times and still you did not get the pin then you can do online appy for pin verification. You can search google for online apply procedure.

9) What if bank account is added and payment not received?

Don’t worry about that your money is not lost. This delay may be due to your bank verificaion. The money if not received, is refuneded back to your adsense account.

10) Why is adsense blocked?

This is mainly due to invalid click. Like if video is your and you your self click on ads on your video then this is considerd as invalid. Actually the ratio is considered. Like of you have thousand of views on your video then few cliks by you makes no issue. It is recommened not to click on ad on your own video.

11) Can we add multiple channels and websites to an adsense?

Yes you can but issues comes when if by any means your one channel or website violates adsense policy, your main adsense which is connected to all channels or blogs will be blocked and you will get in trouble for all of your channel payments and blocks. Now if you want to make adsense per channel or blog then use your famliy members details to create multiple adsense accounts.

To create Google Adsense account here is the likn:

Google Adsens

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