YouTube tags for more views | how to get 1 million views on YouTube

Tags are really important for getting more view on YouTube videos. Now the question is what are viral tags for YouTube and the tags that will get you views on youtube? So in this article we will answer some important questions like what are tags use for? what are viral tags? What are turning tags? and how they are use in the videos to get more views and make a video viral?

Why to use Title and Description

Lets have a look on title and description before understanding tags. So title and description are used for SEO of a YouTube video. It means to make a video appear on YouTube search, it should have keywords in relation to that search. Then what are tags used for? Lets answer this question.

what is YouTube tags?

Tags are mostly used for suggesting your videos. May be some YouTuber may not agree with this but this is our personal experience. Let suppose we make a video on “Make money online by data entry work” and we used many tags related to make money online in the tags. Now if some one searches a make money online tags and clicks on some one else video. Our video if goes to suggested video is based on that we used that keywords in the tags.

What are viral tags and trending tags?

For any topic, there are always some viral and tending tags. This is not like there are specific tags that are called viral and trending. So in short each topic has these kind of tags. For example our video has to be on online earning so we have to see what is most searched in that. Like see which of the following tags are most used?

  1. Make money online.
  2. Online Earning in Pakistan.
  3. How to make money online.
  4. Earning Online


So we have already disscuss about how to find most used keywords. When we get these keywords are most searched then we take the tags in trendings according to these most searched keywords. Similarly for your topic there must be some keywords that are most searched. So get main top tags and find related tags using vidIQ (keyword research tool).

Practically finding viral and trending tags for youtube

Now we practically tell you how we do this. We are using vidIQ tool here. Below screen shots from YouTube studio show a video tags area. In this image there is 1 larger square mark and two small. The larger one show the tags. On other hand saller encircled are are the values given by our too vidIQ. Circle number one shows ranking. By this it means that according to vidIQ tool Our this tag is ranking on 63.3 number in position. Circle number tow shows when ever learning and earning tag is searched then our video will come on position number tow. Keep in mind this ranking by vidIQ tool is all over the world. Now the image shows different other tags ranking on different positions.

Now we come to the dashboard of vdIQ tool and the press keywords option
on the top left.

The we seach “Make money online” So this will show which videos are in trending. The trending videos are given on the right side as shown in the image.

Now we will see a keyword that is common in all of these trending videos we find that “Make money online” is the keyword that is used in all of these videos as title.

Now let we search “online earning” and get the following result as trending video on the right. Now we see whether “Make money online” has more views on the video or “online earning”. So we dont miss both.

Now we copy top keywords that are most serach. As shown in the image below.

Similarly again search “Make money online” and select top 5 most searched keywords.

Now we search “earn online” and select again top 5 most searched keywords.

Note if you are new youtube then you should also see the competition i.e. only search low competition keywords.

Now for one topic we put 3 small keywords and got 15 long tail keywords and put them in our video tags.


So this is our technique for making a research of tags using vidIQ tool and finally use them in our videos. These are the tags that are most searched and are also trending.

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